Ever since the days of Benjamin Franklin modern life has been dependent on this strange phenomenon. Luckily for us, it can be easily produced and somewhat easy to store and transfer. By far the cheapest way to produce electricity is in giant, centralized, and very dirty fossil fuel power plants. Though this does not take in account of the hidden costs the general community bears as a whole. In most cases this is the most obvious and financially prudent way to procure one's power.

We here at the power supply use this generous, stable, and cheap supply of power for much of our daily professional and personal needs, and are thankful that it is available for us, regardless of what ancillary issues surround this type of production

There are, however, certain limitations to this source of power besides the obvious environmental consequences. First and foremost is the central production of power far away from where it may be needed. Many areas are simply not served without installing the high cost of the infrastructure required to deliver it. Even if it is available today, one cannot absolutely guarantee that it will be there tomorrow. Being far removed, this source of power is vulnerable to natural and political forces out side of most community or individual control. A simple act of weather or mans lack of wisdom could leave us all in the dark.

Our answer to these concerns lies in the decentralization of power production and the in empowerment of individuals and groups to use alternative, time-tested, and reliable modes of production that give the user a direct and secure connection to their own sources of power.

Electricity can be produced in a variety of ways, although it always involves the conversion of another source of energy. To this day fossil fuels are widely available and for the moment relatively cheap and easy to transport and store. The main conversion here takes place in a generator which converts this stored chemical energy of the fossil fuel into heat, and then into mechanical energy via an engine and then again to electrical energy via an electric-magnetic dynamo.

We offer generators of all types and sizes that work on coal, gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas. All of these fuels are easily purchased, stored, and managed to ensure that you can keep your generator running when you need it most.

Aside from fossil fuels we have been blessed with a wide variety of renewable energy sources that are available all around us for free. Sunshine, Air, and Water provide copious amounts of energy that can be turned into Electricity.