Site Assessment

A proper site assessment is critical for proper resource management. Traditional resources have the advantage of being easily transferred and utilized. Modern resources require a bit more consideration in the design and placement of the equipment needed to utilize them to their full potential. Improper placement and design can have a serious and deleterious effect on the aims that one wishes to achieve. Above all, before time, energy, and financial resources are committed to any project it is prudent to have an accurate and complete understanding of the environment in which it will be placed.

A live site assessment with the proper know how and diagnostic tools is really the only way to gain a complete understanding of the hidden benefits offered by your particular placement and situation. It is the only real way to ensure that time and money are not to be wasted in a futile attempt to collect something that is not there, and will avoid problems down the road concerning code building disqualifications with the authorities. Time being one of the most precious resources in all of our lives, the Power Supply is committed to the end that it is not wasted for hope of a quick sell or unrealistic expectations.

With a full site assessment we can guarantee an accurate understanding of your resources available and provide a proper understanding of what it will take to dutifully complete any project you may wish to entertain. Usually this will include a quick energy audit, a survey of available resources including possible rainfall retention, wind utilization, hydro-electric possibilities and a proper and complete understanding of the annual amount of solar insolation collected at any given place on your property. With our computer aided diagnostic tools we can assure you that the garden you are planning will receive the proper amount of light year-round and give you a detailed report on your expected solar collection and financial feedback for your particular system.