U.P.S Backup


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Even a small Uninterrupted Power Supply can be a powerful device in the unfortunate event of a power failure. Sometimes being a mere inconvenience, and sometimes costing hundreds of dollars of worth of lost food, productivity, or irreplaceable precious data. A properly installed UPS system will supply power to those vital circuits that cannot sustain a blackout or loss of power, keeping your business or household ready and operational in the event of an emergency.

A UPS backup is a system designed to supply power in the event of a conventional grid power failure, or any failure in any other system. Even a small UPS back up can be a powerful device in such an unfortunate event, possibly saving hundreds of dollars worth of lost food, productivity, or data. It also allows us to maintain a convenient standard of living throughout the times when nature would have us taught a lesson.

How it Works

A UPS System is set up to monitor your circuits and instantly provide power in the event of a blackout. The extent and period to which this happens is highly customizable. By automatically and efficiently maintaining your battery bank, your UPS will stand ready to to provide power when you need it most and when otherwise unavailable. A typical UPS is usually designed to provide for several days worth of power, however with the addition of even a small external power generator, one could expect the system to function for years. Coupling such a system with a renewable source of energy could allow the system to operate indefinitely.

A UPS system can be a prudent choice for someone who wishes to remain ready and secured, but is hesitant to install a complete power system. The main parts of the system also happen to be integral parts of any larger or more complete system, allowing a person to upgrade later for further independence without losing any functionality of their initial investment.


Ozark Mountain Power provides three typically sized designs and is always happy to design a fully customized system that suits your exact needs. We also have available some smaller portable units for those only requiring a nominal amount of protection. It is important that you have a good idea of what your requirements (electrical load) might be, so that you will be fully prepared.

For most folks, a reasonable choice can be made by finding a right balance between critical needs and those of mere convenience. For example, while it is possible to install a system that will supply power to all systems and circuits for long extended times, one may find that a smaller, less costly system would be perfectly adequate, provided that one is willing to intelligently manage their electrical loads.

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