D.I.Y Assistance

Here at the Power Supply we honor and respect the age old virtue of being able to accomplish a task under one's own labor and ingenuity. We also may be just a bit jealous of the individual who has the time and ability to actually pull it off. None the less, we are ready to provide for those who feel confident in their abilities

We carry a large number of plans and home hacks that we offer free of charge.

Many of our systems can be self-installed, if one feels up to the task.

While we encourage everyone to consider either designing, building, or installing these technologies and systems on their own, we feel that a stern warning should be made as to not overestimate one's abilities. Learning very much from our own experience, making many mistakes in the past, we know that it is very easy to get over your head. Such a situation can be very costly as a professional may need to be called in to “clean up the mess”. Sometimes the wise know when it may be better to let the professional handle it from the beginning, and avoid lost time, investment, and materials.

For a nominal fee we offer design, consultation, and service on an hourly basis to assist you in your endeavor. Many of our systems and equipment include a bit of complimentary assistance along with purchase. We also offer Tool Rental for those D.I.Y jobs which require that one tool which you will never need again. Usually we ask for a deposit based on tool cost and a small fee for wear and tear.